Vehicle, Equipment & Ship Mortgage Litigation


Jay Winston has developed the Vehicle & Equipment Litigation Practice Group at Winston & Winston P.C over the past 20 years. We can help your business recover your collateral quickly, defend your interests in bankruptcy court, defend you against wrongful repossession, lemon law or breach of warranty or breach of contract claims. Our litigation experience enables us to offer greater efficiencies to our corporate clients who trust our ability to protect their interests nationally. By providing comprehensive services, our firm assists clients in managing risk, reducing costs and increasing productivity.


  • Special Asset litigation (Recovery of Vehicles, Trucks Airplanes, Boats, Vessels, Exotic Vehicles, and Equipment);
  • Pre-Charge-off Litigation, including, ex parte orders to seize and recover your collateral (i.e. replevins) from the customer or third Party Seizures;
  • Enforcement of Dealer agreements and enforcing your rights under your customer agreements;
  • Protecting your interests from Government Forfeiture Actions and Lien Stripping Actions; Processing DMV paperwork expeditiously, and transfer (flip) title to recover the vehicle from a governmental entity;
  • Negotiating the release of your vehicle from repair shops for reasonable storage and or repair charges. Our firm strategically exploits the applicable state law’s abandoned property statutes or consumer protection statutes to expedite the release of the vehicle to the secured creditor;
  • Title/Perfection issues and Reinstating your lien;
  • Bankruptcy and Defense Litigation