Business & Complex Litigation for Creditors

  • Commercial & Asset Based Lending Issues; Negotiating Workouts and Forbearance Agreements for Creditors who extended credit to Distressed Businesses; Creative and Innovative Negotiation Tactics to Manage Costs and Expedite Settlements; Factoring Litigation; Creditor Bankruptcy Litigation; Letters of Credits and Bills of Lading; Litigation involving Fraud and Ponzi Schemes;
  • Pre / Post Judgment Orders for Possession of Personal Property; Recovery of Money or Property Inadvertently Transferred;
  • Obtaining Pre-Judgment Attachments; Appointing Receivers; Temporary Restraining Orders and Permanent Restraining Orders;
  • Enforcing Judgments Against Professional Debtors/Guarantors, Avoiding Fraudulent Conveyances; Piercing the Corporate Veil; Successor Liability; Avoiding De Facto Mergers; Marshalling of Assets; Supplemental Enforcement Proceedings; Skip tracing and Asset Location Services for Professional Wealthy Debtors;
  • ¬†Pursuing remedies under the Uniform Commercial Code;
  • Unjust Enrichment claims and Recovery of Operational Losses;
  • Foreclosures (Real Property, Cooperative, & Ship Mortgage);
  • Enforcing Non-Compete Agreements and Online Click-Wrap Agreements; List Rental and Exchange Litigation and Injunctions Against Unauthorized Use of Rental Lists;
  • Representing law firms in legal fee disputes.
  • Conducting Arbitrations and Confirming Awards.

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