Webinar presented November 1, 2011

Commercial Finance Association’s
How to Control Litigation Costs when Defending a Preference Action by the Trustee


Jay Winston spoke on the following topics:
  • How the circuit courts judges, the trustee, and the trustee’s law firm analyze preference actions
  • What works and doesn’t work when negotiating these claims
  • Over looked litigation tools at your disposal to place the trustee on the defensive
  • Practices to implement internally to anticipate and prepare the paperwork necessary to defeat these claims at a fraction of the expense through pre-litigation planning
  • Strategies as to a law firm’s selection, retention & management
  • How late payments can still be in the ordinary course of business
  • How to apply efficient negotiating strategies regularly used by contingency attorneys for hourly matters


Comments on this webinar:

“Thank you for organizing the webinar CLE on “How to Control Litigation Costs…” this past Tuesday. I thought it was among the better online CLE courses I’ve taken (generally, Strafford). The speaker was knowledgeable, did not read his slides, and presented information in a coherent fashion. His topic was particularly useful because you can’t learn most of that stuff from a book – it’s either watch and learn or do it and learn from mistakes. As an attorney-attendee, I enjoyed the business/client perspective at times.”

Past webinars can be obtained here from the Commercial Finance Association.