Creditor Bankruptcy Litigation (Secured and Unsecured)

Winston and Winston P.C. has represented financial institutions and businesses for over 30 years before the bankruptcy courts nationally.. Our litigation experience enables us to offer greater efficiencies to our clients who trust our ability to protect their interests.  By providing comprehensive services, our firm assists clients in managing risk, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

  • Defending Preference Actions;
  • Negotiating Critical Vendor Agreements;
  • Defending your liens from Trustee/Debtor Lien Stripping Actions or Cram Downs;
  • Asserting Administrative Claims and serving Reclamation Demands;
  • Filing and Defending your Proof of Claim;
  • Representing Creditors in Chapters 7, 11, & 15 proceedings
  • Preventing the Illegal Use of Cash Collateral by the Trustee;
  • Objections to Chapter 11 plans/Objections to Discharge;
  • Obtaining Adequate Protection or Relief from the Automatic Stay;
  • Conducting 2004 Exams to Locate your Property and Identify Overlooked Assets;
  • §363 Sales and Credit Bids;
  • Attend 341 Meetings, Serve on Creditor Committees;
  • Reaffirmation Agreements and Assumption of Leases
  • Defending Violations of Court Orders.